The Branch hosts Friday Night Gatherings, our weekly large group meeting where we get to hear a message from the Word. Core Groups are our small groups that meet throughout the week and often informally in meals, hangouts, and more. Our Outreach Team offers events throughout the semester, such as volunteering at local churches or our signature Hot Chocolate Outreach. Every year, we host our annual Branch Retreat off-campus. We assist and coordinate Christian interfellowship events and help lead a number of events throughout the year in partnership with The Veritas Forum, Cornerstone Magazine, and other Christian groups and fellowships on campus. Learn more about what we do below!

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Our main event is our Friday Night Gathering from 7-9pm at Manning Chapel. We worship, check-in and discuss questions together, and hear a sermon or talk on the Word delivered by a pastor, missionary, volunteer within the PVD community, or staff at Brown/RISD. These community gatherings are the best way to cap off the school week.

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Womens Core Group Fall 2021
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Core Groups are great opportunities to fellowship with members of The Branch, engage with the Word, and get closer to God. Core Groups are open to all years and meet during the week. Women's meets on Monday nights, and Men's meets on Thursday nights. Check our Core Groups tab to learn more!

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Outreach is an essential part of The Branch. Whether that's volunteering at a church nearby, serving our campus, or simply handing out free cups of hot chocolate on a cold day, our mission is to create open spaces to discuss the Gospel.

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During the semester, we host Daily Prayer every day of the week. These 30-minute sessions are student-led opportunities to pray for each other and our communities.

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Every year, we host our annual Branch Retreat. Together, students head off-campus and hear from a Christian speaker/pastor for a weekend. We hang out, cook, roast marshmallows, and learn more about God together. The retreat is a great time to fellowship and build community. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our retreat for this year will be held in late Winter/early Spring 2022.

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We are committed to Interfellowship and believe that Jesus shared the Gospel for all people. We are proud to work with and support other Christian fellowships and groups on campus: Athletes in Action (AIA), Black Christian Ministries (BCM), Brown Christian Fellowship (BCF), Cornerstone Magazine, Harmonizing Grace (HG), Veritas Forum, and the Graduate/Medical Christian Fellowship (GMCF). You can find more on the Christian community at Brown at this published pamphlet (, compiled by student leaders of Christian groups on campus.