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Looking for a church in Fall 2022?

There are many excellent options in Providence, but that can prove overwhelming to navigate. We believe that God calls us to grow in and be part of different church communities that best suit us. A list has been compiled by our friends at Cornerstone Magazine with up-to-date contact info of current students who go to churches near Brown and RISD. Here are our recommendations on how to find a church that fits you best and can help you grow.

  1.     Start off by going to a church for the first month to see what it's like. Shopping around and leaving a church after only one Sunday service will make it hard for you to ground yourself spiritually.

  2.    ASK QUESTIONS! See why people have planted roots in that church, speak to the pastor, or ask if folks think the church might be a good match for you.

  3.     We have walking / carpool groups to different churches. We frequently send reminder texts in our GroupMe. (Come to a Friday Night Gathering to learn more!)

  4.     If you still feel like you should try a different church after your first month on campus, you should open the Churches in PVD spreadsheet and text or email one of the contact persons listed to find out more about that church.

  5.    Our hope is that by the end of your first year, you will have found a church that you truly love and begin getting involved in as soon as you can.

  6.     We hope this helps you grow spiritually and be able to find a church to attend in Providence!

You can access the Churches in Providence Spreadsheet, compiled and maintained by students at Brown and RISD, here:

This spreadsheet is maintained by our friends at Cornerstone Magazine. You can learn more about Cornerstone at