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Core Groups are our weekly small group meetings. We aim to encourage, grow with, and hold each other accountable; and to do so, we create an open and vulnerable environment that goes beyond a simple Bible study to model the unity and love in the body of Christ. Core Group is an open space to ask questions, intentionally connect with one another and share life together, and (very, very often) eat a lot of homemade food! ​If you want to meet one of the Core Group leaders or would like help finding where we meet, please fill out a Connect Card and add a message in the notes.

Tuesday Women's Core Group

Branch Women's Core Group 4.14.2022 Seehanah Tang, Lisa Yang, Dana Kurniawan, Faith Chen,


Location/Time: TBD

Thursday Gender Inclusive Core Group

gender inclusive core group fall 2022.jpg

Location/Time: TBD

Wednesday Women's Core Group

Branch Women's Core Group Spring 2022.jpg


Location/Time: TBD

Wednesday Men's Core Group

Branch Men's Core Group 2.10.22.jpg

Location/Time: TBD

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