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Heading into Activities Fair, I didn’t know if there were any Christian groups on campus. I didn’t know anyone else in Providence, too, to help guide me. But I found a loving community at Branch, and it was such a blessing in my life. My time at Branch and at church with other Christians helped transform my relationship with God as I spent time with people that actually read their Bibles and also cared about the same relevant, current issues that I did.

— Nikki Tully '19 (Biomedical Engineering)

Connect Card
Branch Community 4.16.22 Spring 2022 Retreat
Branch Retreat 4.16
Branch Women's Core Group Fall 2021 selfie
Branch cookout spring 2022
gender inclusive core group fall 2022
Branch Friday Worship
Branch Women's Core Group Fall 2021 paint night _ (left-to-right) Melanie Kim '23, Bianca
christmas party 2021
Branch Outreach Fall 2021
Branch Retreat 4.16.2022 Senior Talks
Branch Retreat 4.16
outreach fall 2021
friday night gathering fall 2021 (2)
outreach fall 2021 (2)
Branch Activities Fair Fall 2021
Branch Women's Core Group Spring 2022
apple picking men
anna audrey apple
Christian Interfellowship Worship Night 4.8.22
christmas party 2021 (3)
christmas party 2021 (2)
Branch cookout spring 2022 seniors
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