I was first drawn into the Branch by its openness and warmth, but I stayed because of the unexpected depth of community I found. I’m so grateful that over the course of my time in college, I’ve had a solid community of people I can depend on to love me, support me, pray for me, laugh with me, and above all, push me deeper into my relationship with Jesus in every situation.

-Hope McGovern '19

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Planted in 2006, The Branch is a Protestant Christian fellowship serving the campuses of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Our fellowship is a place to grow as a Christian, engage and meet believers and non-believers alike, and discuss the Word as it applies to our lives as college students. Our mission is to be a Holy Spirit-empowered community of students so that we can engage our campuses with the Gospel and share its truth.

We believe the Bible is God’s message to us, so we seek to understand and obey its truth. ​In the Bible, Jesus Christ says that He is the vine and we are the branches - and that apart from Him, the abundant life He has for us is beyond our grasp (John 10:10, 15:5). That’s why God makes Himself reachable through the Holy Spirit by the death and resurrection of Christ. Our pursuit of Jesus is central, and as followers of Him, we recognize our role and need to share and thrive in our faith with others. We believe that God is for all people of all nations and backgrounds and that the way of salvation is one that is entirely of grace.

"Loving" is the word that comes to mind when I think of Branch. It’s a cup of hot chocolate or cold lemonade and a smile at the end of a long day... I met my closest friends through Branch and church.

-Anna Delamerced '16, MD'21


​​We believe community is essential to the Christian life. The Branch is a community that is focused on God. In our Friday Night Gatherings, we hear a message on the Word as a community and discuss it together. In our smaller Core Groups, we talk about what’s on our hearts, talk about Scripture as it applies to our lives as college students, and spend time together studying and hanging out. We are deeply invested in the many other communities we are part of, and we seek to share the Gospel through practical outreach. We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by serving the Providence community and meeting people where they are. Moreover, we wholeheartedly believe in collaborating with the Christian space at Brown. This space is for you to grow in, and so our leadership team and other folks in our fellowship are happy to guide you to Christian groups and churches that can best aid you in your spiritual growth. In 2022, it is an exciting time to be part of the Christian space here. In the last 20 years, so much has changed, so many have grown, and so many have been blessed. Campus ministries, churches, and the Christians here are committed to their pursuit of God.

You can find our current Leadership Team here

We believe that church is an essential place to connect to the people in the city of Providence and grow one's relationship with, understanding of, and devotion to Christ. Students who are part of Branch attend many different churches like Renaissance, Grace Harbor, Mestizo, Sanctuary, and more. Our community walks to church in groups, takes the bus together, and makes sure that we all go to a church where we can grow in Providence. There is a full list of churches compiled by students kept at the following spreadsheet: bit.ly/churchesinpvd.

The first thing I immediately noticed about the Branch was its strong sense of giving and caring... It’s truly amazing to be a part of such a diverse group of people who all support each other, and help each other grow in their faith, and do so with such an apparent love of God.

-Anthony Bomba '20

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